Career Opportunities in SEO

Internet Advertising & Marketing – The safest bet for job seekers!

The current scenario of Indian economy has been characterized by optimistic growth and strong economic fundamentals. The sudden change of the global economy has definitely hit the Indian economy as well and hence we are feeling the crunch in every industry today. The main issue that is causing worries is that of “unemployment”. Existing employees are being asked to leave and the newly recruited ones have to wait to get the final call. The unfortunate Satyam fiasco has put all its employees’ future in danger. With the current industry situation, Career Options the need of the hour is that job seekers update their skill sets by learning new technologies as this will increase their knowledge and also make them ready for emerging opportunities.

The current scenario will create more opportunities for job seekers in other areas as organizations are adopting the “least cost and maximum efficiency” methods. One of the methods being used by organizations is Internet advertising and marketing, popularly known as Search Engine Optimization fivem hosting (SEO). Many organizations from various industries are banking on this method due to its cost effective nature and ability to deliver higher returns.

The following are the advantages of internet advertising over the traditional advertising –

1. Measurable

2. Interactive

3. Worldwide Audience

4. Cheaper

With so many benefits, SEO has gained tremendous importance in the recent years and is expected to become a trillion dollar industry by 2010. The Microsoft & Yahoo situation is the best example to support this fact. Few months ago there was a war like situation, wherein software giant Microsoft wanted to buy Yahoo. Although the deal did not go through, บาคาร่าออนไลน์ but what needs to be seen is that an industry leader like Microsoft was bidding for another company. The reason – they wanted to compete with the leading search engine – Google. They saw the power of internet advertising and hence wanted to capitalize on the same by acquiring Yahoo.

Google & Yahoo – Drivers of Internet Economy and jobs!

It goes without saying that Google and Yahoo are the leading search engines which are helping businesses grow. Merely, creating a company website is not enough today. It needs to be marketed so that people are aware about the offerings of the company. With the market capitalization of Google at 59% and Yahoo at 18%, thus making them the drivers of the internet economy. More and more companies aspire to appear in Google and Yahoo rankings as it gives them more visibility and an opportunity to connect with their customers.

Thus, SEO opens new doors for job seekers and promises huge employment opportunities. Also, the technical complexity of SEO is less compared to other technologies, elmbrookpsych making it easier to learn. The joy of internet marketing is: It’s a hot, growing, in-demand field. There are plenty of job opportunities for SEO professionals in India and abroad.


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