Four Reasons Why You Need a Website, Marketing Manager

A website/marketing manager is like a personal trainer

Your website isn’t something you can take lightly. It’s like working out – you have to keep at it! And a web/marketing manager is just the person to encourage you to keep it going. As we all know, going to the gym and working out is good for you, kotler and keller marketing management 15th edition but sometimes it’s less than fun. You might need a coach or a personal trainer to encourage you to persevere, to remind you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and that you just need to hang in there to reach your goal(s).

The great thing about a web/marketing manager, is that unlike a personal trainer,.your manager can do all of the heavy lifting for you by helping you clarify what will work best for your site. You just give he/she your ideas, and it can be built.

A website must evolve
A website is never truly finished. Just look at Google! Their design is simple. It’s classic. The homepage has pretty much looked the same for years. But on holidays, you might notice that they do change their logo, subtly, with imagination, to fit the holiday. And you can bet that they are constantly changing their search algorithms, improving their applications, and figuring out new ways to deliver content to people. There is lots of reasons why Google is generally accepted to be among the top two or three visited websites in the United States.

Likewise, your business needs a website that will continue to grow and change with the times. That is why hiring a web/marketing manager is essential for the success of your web presence. This manager will nurture and update your website by keeping up with trends and new technologies and applying these to your business.

When you revisit a website, and it hasn’t been updated in a while, you may think the business takes its site for granted, takes its customers for granted, and that it doesn’t care about keeping up its web impact. That might have been okay 10 years ago, petescycle but it’s becoming less and less okay today. Customers, clients and visitors are impatient. They scan your material and are quick to click out of the site if they are not compelled to read, understand, and GET your message. You want them to be motivated to opt-in, respond with their email address, send you comments, ask questions, want more information, and follow-up by taking action.

Without knowledge of the many steps to keep your customers, clients or visitors engaged, you may lose them before you have a chance to build relationships with them. And today’s business also includes building relationships with people! The many social media sites that are growing by the millions, attest to a new way of maintaining relationships. These sites can be linked to your own website, and draw many new visitors who would never have known about you.

A Web/Manager is an important asset to your company
A Web/Manager showcases your business and knows how to create and build momentum, interest, excitement and innovation. This manager can attract a large number of visitors through his/her knowledge of how the search engines crawl through the internet, and place your business on page one of the rankings. This manager is an invaluable investment in your company’s future growth. Experience matters. Knowledge matters.

A web/marketing manager can be your teacher
What we haven’t discussed so far, is how YOU can transition to becoming your own website manager. If this is something that interests you, just ask your manager to train you so you can update your site yourself. It may involve comprehensive training or just a tune-up to get you up to speed, but it can be very rewarding to know that you have learned the tools to be an effective manager yourself. You may want to bring your website manager back to make a major upgrade once in a while, but that might be only every year or so.


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