A Cherokee Legend – Grandfather Red Hat

Cherokee elder and wisdom keeper, John Red Hat Duke, was a deeply spiritual man who communicated daily with Creator and with the ancestors. He was a wise spiritual leader, whose counsel was sought by Cherokee chiefs and elders, as well as many others.

Many among the Cherokee and other Native American tribes called him “Grandfather.” A Grandfather in Native American terms is someone who is an esteemed spiritual leader of his people. And Red Hat was truly a great spiritual leader and teacher. mykindredlife

He was a brilliant man who spoke nine languages. He studied Judaism under the brilliant tutelage of Rabbi Joseph Jasin, and had an excellent understanding of Eastern philosophy. The foundation of his beliefs were the Torah, and the Cherokee White Path, and he understood that these teachings were in harmony with the teachings of Jesus, of Yashua the Jew.

Elder Red Hat helped ‘lost’ people find their way back to a productive life. For instance, he helped a young man who had quit school, go back and not only complete high school, but go on and get his doctorate. What a positive change to affect in someone’s life.

There are many interesting stories related to Elder Red Hat. For instance, he told of an alien encounter which we can choose to believe or not. He was living east of Colorado Springs, Colorado on a ranch. One day he went riding up in the hills on his property. When he crossed over the top of one large hill, he saw a bright light, so he stopped his vehicle and started walking toward it. First he came to a box with lights that was emitting a buzzing sound. As he approached the box, the buzzing intensified. He backed away and the buzzing dropped to a lower pitch. Down the hill, he saw two beings that looked somewhat human. As he approached, they told him they had been waiting for him. They told him he had been wise to back away from the box because if he had touched it, he would have died. Dottie finds that kind of interesting, like the description of the Ark of the Covenant.

During the last year of his life, Elder Red Hat received that soon Red Hat would speak. He didn’t quite understand that because he was in such bad shape physically with heart and lung problems that he didn’t see how he could do that. Then he realized that Dottie was writing a book of his teachings so he asked her if she would change the title of the book to “Red Hat Speaks”, which she agreed to do. He felt that this could possibly be how he was to accomplish his speaking.

Grandfather Red Hat went to be with the ancestors on December 30th, 2003. May Creator guide his footsteps in the great mystery beyond. He is greatly missed! diagnozujmy

For more information about gaining eternal life in the presence of Creator, and about the return of the long awaited Hopi Pahana, read the books Red Hat Speaks, and Red Hat’s Wisdom, by Dorothy K. Daigle. These books can be ordered from any bookstore or online from or Amazon.com Also you may visit

Dorothy was taught by Cherokee elder and wisdom keeper, John Red Hat Duke, for over ten years in Keetoowah Cherokee spiritual ways, in Eastern philosophy, and in Judaism. She was raised Christian so she has a good working knowledge of Christianity. She became disillusioned with Christianity so she now follows no religion, but strives to walk the Red Road spiritual path according to Jesus’ teachings.


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