How Much Would You Pay For Your House, Mr Seller?

Sellers have every right to be proud of their property. And they have every right to be proud of the thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars they spent in upgrades that nobody else on the planet would have paid for, except them! And every once in a while, they’re just a little too proud and may need a tiny bit of enlightening. copart

With that said: A paper CMA (comparative market analysis) usually doesn’t shed the correct light that a seller needs to see…

But nothing compares to throwing your sellers in your car and hauling them into some higher quality castles around the neighbor that have sold, satisfied-being are currently pending, or active at a lesser price!

Yes, I do know… that some sellers will still believe, without a doubt, that the $10,000 they spent in country style rooster wallpaper will never compare to new modern paint!

That’s when it’s time to flip it around, and ask them: If you were buying your house in today’s market, how much would you pay for it? LISTEN, and see what they say!

It’s amazing how quickly the tables turn when the seller has to look at their own property from a buyer’s perspective.

As an agent, if you’ve shown them on paper, you’ve shown them in person, you’ve flipped the scenarios on them and they are still stuck on their out of whack price… woles4d

Try this…

Mr. Seller: There is no way I can take less than $325,000 for this house… it just not feasible, I won’t do it no matter what! I can’t afford it! I don’t care about those other houses; Dog training some people are just desperate and crazy!

Agent: No sweat Mr. Seller! Just needed to confirm that… if I get a call later this week from a buyer/ or agent stating that they have $300,000 CASH and can close in 10 days, but will not pay a single cent over $300,000 No Questions Asked, No Matter What!… That I will tell them to blow smoke and take a hike!

Mr. Seller: Wait Wait Wait Wait Wait… hold on there. That’s different! If we got an offer like that, I would sign it and move out of here tomorrow. Aluminium schuifpui

Agent: Imagine that, I create one realistic scenario and the sellers drop their price by $25,000 in less than five minutes.

You’ll never believe this… but sometimes sellers just aren’t realistic! No matter how many stories you tell or education you provide, or comparable properties you take them to… They just don’t respect the market! Or don’t respect you and your services! Or they are just too damn stubborn to admit the truth. In that case, move on!

Craig Zuber- Story #15 of 100 over the next 100 days sellersplanet


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