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Molton Brown Warming Eucalyptus Bath & Shower Therapy

This is a firm favourite of mine especially if you are feeling a bit tired or unwell. It is great to add to a nice hot bath, 7mgg and then just lie back, and help relax those aching pains. This bath therapy I would prefer personally to use in the cold winter months, as it is a very soothing and reviving bath time treat to immerse yourself in on a cold rainy night. This is a great tonic to pick you up and keep away those chills. The Eucalyptus Oil warms tired muscles, tones sluggish skin, leaving it smelling super fresh and feeling really clean. Its scent is great for clearing stuffy heads. The Eucalyptus oil is renowned for its antiseptic properties and is ideal to use in either the summer or winter months. After a busy day in the garden, this is great for relaxing in as it soothes tired muscles providing you with a very therapeutic soak reviving both the mind and the body.

I enjoy this bath/shower therapy in the winter months personally but I know that when my husband comes home after a hard days work, manguerose he enjoys a shower using this therapy treatment as it smells really natural and clean, so everyone has their personal preferences dependent on their mood.

It is suitable for both men and women to use as it doesn’t have a floral smell which most men are put off by. It is a very refreshing bath time treat to use and because of its unique aroma it leaves the skin fragranced with a clean fresh scent. It also protects the skins natural moisture balance and re hydrates it. It is difficult to explain but it seems to cocoon you in a warm healthy glow as it relaxes the mind and body, what a treat!

The Warming Eucalyptus Bath and Shower Therapy is great value for money as it is a concentrated formula which is far more effective as it lasts a lot longer, enabling you to enjoy even more baths and showers. The Eucalyptus itself means that the colour of the gel is great also as it is a really soothing colour which looks in the sleek yet stylish bottle that Molton Brown package their products in. This looks great in any bathroom as it is simple yet fresh looking and when you use it it fills the bathroom with its long lasting scent which is great within any house. This is great product to treat your skin with as it gently cleanses the skin and revives aching muscles, roomidea it can either be used a pick me up when your feeling a bit down or is great to use if you need to wake up fast on an early morning.. This is a great all rounder and I personally think it is brilliant. Treat yourself it’s superb!

Molton Brown Heavenly Gingerlily Moisture Bath & Shower

Wow what can I say this is the most exotically scented bath and shower formulation. It has the most gorgeous fragrance that envelops the body with its beautiful fragrance whilst leaving the skin feeling moisturised. The Heavenly Gingerlilly Bath and shower treat is renowned for being one of Molton Browns most indulgent Bath treats and is a best-seller. I love this product it’s got everything you could ask for; It’s got a great fragrance, its cleans the skin smothering it in its superbalous scent. It deeply moisturises even the most sensitive of skins. It is great for relaxing in if you have got aches and pains and is generally a fantastic and luxurious bath time pamper product.

Its appearance in the bottle is great as its colour is pleasant to the eye as it is honey, gold colour which in itself screams, I am rich and luxurious. It comes packaged in the usual embellished bottle, which as I always say, looks great in any bathroom.

This unique gentle formula has comforting notes of citrus, amber and rose, which is perfect for balancing and moisturising the skins ph balance.

Molton Browns Heavenly Gingerlilly Bath time treat is perfectly named as it is a truly heavenly product which I use regularly it is fabulous product which everyone should have on their bathroom shelf. So why not try it out and indulge yourself in some true luxury!

This gingery smelling shower/bath gel smells great leaving you scented with this really delicate feminine fragrance. It is not overbearing like some bath time products. Its ingredients include Tamnua nut oil, macadamia glycerides, tuberose, ginger, cardamon and taget. These ingredients when combined produce this superior fragrance which fills the bathroom with its magnificent aroma. When poured into the bath it bubbles up to make the most sumptuous of bathing experiences. When using in the shower its lathers up to a silky formulation coating the body. This is a great skin treat pampering formula which is why it is a best seller.

Molton Brown Blissful Templetree Moisture Bath & Shower Immerse yourself with this luscious infusion of exotically scented floral undertones and nourishing sea extracts plucked from the Indian Ocean. This is a truly nourishing bath and shower treat for the skin, its sea silk proteins hydrate the skin replenishing lost moisture from exposure to the sun. Its other ingredients of templetree milk and mango oils cleanse and moisturise the skin reviving any damaged skin to a lustrous healthy glow. It has a fantastic smell and as always with Molton Brown products it is difficult to find anything better. So emerge yourself in this great bath time and shower time treat! MMMMMMMM I can imagine the scent as you slip into a lovely warm bath and lie back to relax and enjoy the full intensity of this great product, as its fragrance is carried through the air, spaice filling your bathroom with is exotic undertones, wow what more could you ask for.

Molton Brown Coco De Mer Bath & Shower Gel – Oh I love this I have the Molton Brown Ultra smooth Coco de Mer Body Lotion which I use on my hands and body, so if you love this you are most certainly going to love the Molton Brown Coco De Mer Bath and Shower Gel. Gosh even its name sounds appealing it is fragranced with very delicate scents of coconut and fruit smells, mmmmm sounds good enough to eat. This is a very refreshing bath and shower gel, which can be used in the bath or shower dependent on your mood. Its ingredients come from the tropics hence its fabulous scent. It is a great conditioner for the skin deeply nourishing it and replacing any lost ph balances. This gentle formulation gently cleanses and mositurising the skin leaving it in tip top condition. You will love this product as it leaves the skin super soft and subtle from top to toe, whilst enveloping you in this truly intoxicating fragrance. Gosh Molton Brown really know how to give us great fragranced pr


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