Old Indian Coins: A Brief History!

Becoming a coin collector is not rocket science. All it needs is a bit of passion. You can become a coin collector on a small-scale at first and then amplify this hobby into a profession. Collecting coins is known to be quite an addictive habit. Professionally, askanadviser a person who collects coins is called numismatist. If you want to begin your expedition of coin collection, then following the Indian coin lineage is the perfect start. The oldest coins in India ever used date back to more than 2600 years. A few of them date back to the Kanishka Dynasty and even feature the Zoroastrian and Iranian deities.

India is famous for its rich culture and richer historic past. The coins form an integral part of this culture. The old Indian coins bear the mark of Alexander the Great, the Portuguese, and also the Dutch. The British reign lasted for about 4 centuries and it also left a very indelible print on the coin history of India. Several types of varieties in coins were minted.

Each of these varieties of coins acts as very important links in the country’s rich tradition. The metals used range from gold to silver, from copper to brass and to several other alloys.

The old Indian coins have a very high value as they were made out of the precious metals like gold and silver. Even the coins made from the lesser precious metals have their own vintage value. In the yesteryear, the value of the metal was equivalent to the coins face value. Today however, the cost of the metal plays a very little to negligible role in the value of the coin. For more info please visit these sites:- https://www.mycarscent.nl/

The error coins are very rarely found, most of the coin collectors who are determined to get a hold of them usually pay a heavy price to acquire the errors and to add them in their collection. Till date, in the Indian coinage, the British Indian coins are the most popular ones. They were minted in gold, silver, and later in copper as well as silver alloys. They had the faces of the reigning kings and queens embossed on them, like the portrait of King William, Queen Victoria, King Edward, and King George.

There are auctions conducted to buy and sell these old Indian coins. The auction sites are very popular for such deals; they however, charge their commission on the deal as well. Hence, through networking, one could get in touch with the coin collector directly. However, while buying them you must be wary of the duplicate coins that make their way in this passionate hobby as many people get duped with replicas of the originals that are being made and sold at a very high value.


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