The Lego Clone Walker Toy is Perfect For the Clone Wars Army – Shoppers Guide

So what exactly are LEGO Clone Walker? It is a toy created by LEGO based on the Clone Wars movies of these vehicles that walk across the battlefield on mechanical legs. They were used by the Galatic Empire and old Republic for ground transport or assault.

Now with this Clone Walker LEGO set, your child and reenact the Clone Wars scenes in the latest Star Wars movies or TV series. And these Walkers are a very tough 2 man unit inside a vehicle on legs that uses a flick firing missiles.

So what exactly do you get with this kit? Well, you get 2 battle hardened Clone Troopers, a Clone Gunner and a Clone Commander. And they all come with ARC trooper gear. For more details please visit these sites:-

But let me tell you some more about this. The Walkers themselves stand over three and a half inches tall. There are seventy two pieces. And you know what? Since the manufacturer is LEGO, you just know what you are getting. Colorful, interlocking bricks made with durable plastic that is easy to clean. LEGO has been around since the 1940s and every one of us had some sort of Lego building kit as a child. This brand is known for superior quality and originality. This is why LEGO has been putting out movie themed kits lately, such as this one from Star Wars and the Clone Wars.

And I’m not even surprised when I see that this LEGO Star Wars Clone Walker set is one of the best selling toys this season. It is for a very good reason. Your child is going to love it and recreate the movie scenes for hours and hours on end.

So hurry up and get this Clone Wars Walker kit before the holiday season approaches because after all, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and the Republic really needs your child’s help!

These Walkers were featured in the movie, The Clone Wars. In that movie, the Jedi Clone troopers fought for the Republic against the droid army (the bad guys).

But back to this toy. LEGO actually recommends this for children of age six and up. So be sure before you order it because there are a lot of little pieces in this kit.

Get this Star Wars kit now and stand back to watch the dreams and fantasies of your child come to life on Christmas morning! Don’t forget to snap some pictures to capture the moment of why Christmastime is so magical.


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