E-Trade Pro and the Benefits of Software-as-a-Service

The implementation of Software-as-a-Service (or Saas) amongst e-commerce sites is on the rise. According to one recent news article, 90% of e-commerce sites will use at least one product from a SaaS vendor by 2013.

When deciding to sell services online there are numerous options available as to how to do so. The first, and most costly, is a bespoke, hoodoorx ecommerce solution – paying for a website to be designed and built for you. Another, growing, approach is to create your own using a Software-as-a-Service.

A model of software development, SaaS eliminates the need for customers to install software on their own computer by hosting the application as a service across the internet. Employing a Software-as-a-Service removes the need for software maintenance, ongoing operation and support.

Taking on Software-as-a-Service also removes the cost of up-front software purchases. From a customer’s point of view, while there is a reliance on a single service provider, pelletnagyker the benefits are immense especially for those businesses operating in the mid-market or below. For those without the human or hardware resources to develop and maintain their own ecommerce site, a SaaS is ideal.

With a Bespoke eCommerce solution the build time of four weeks is a costly one with clients facing a possible £2,475 bill. While customer satisfaction is initially high with a bespoke ecommerce solution, freelance writing it will quickly fall as the solution becomes obsolete.

On-demand software ecommerce software such as NetDirector e-Trade Pro has a significantly lower development time of 2 days and with constant updates inline with its customers’ requirements so that customer satisfaction remains at a steady high. With Net Director e-Trade Pro there is no longterm contract either and low monthly payments mean that this Software-as-a-Service option is more cost effective than a bespoke ecommerce solution.

With no need to install any software, NetDirector e-Trade Pro provides a customisable online shop with a wealth of features for a monthly fee that includes access to tools for building and managing your shop with hosting included in the cost. themattress

Using NetDirector e-Trade Pro allows users to customise their website or make use of a custom design service. Orders are easy to track and process with the management dashboard and now, toalla de playa thanks to a new application, accessed from an iPhone. For increased revenue, adverts can be displayed and customer details can be captured for marketing purposes.

Software review experts Personal Computer World tested and rated Netdirector e-Trade Pro and, having signed up to the free trial which gives 14 days access to the full package, red light therapy stated that they “found NetDirector e-Trade Pro to be an effective tool for companies looking to get up and selling on the web.”

So effective is Software-as-a-Solution that larger, international organisations may also begin to take advantage of its benefits. Whilst it is unlikely that they will switch their main sites over with the technology, larger companies may well used S-a-a-S products such as Netdirector e-Trade Pro to market products under new names in a new store to test prices and markets. Shop Pro International


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