Zagreb – A Budget Travel Destination

The capital of Croatia is a lesser-known gem of the budget travel world. Both picturesque and packed full of exciting pockets of cultural activity, on a practical level, Zagreb also has its fair share of excellent and excellently priced Zagreb hostels. tudjononrolavilag

Old City

For daytime sightseeing and an experience of turizmuskartya Zagreb’s answer to the European café culture, tourists should take a trip to the Old City or Gornji Grad, or better still, stay in one of the many Zagreb hostels located there.

Fantastic architecture and ancient cobbled streets are a significant departure from the modern extravagance of the lower town’s nightlife, fa-ipar and promises to provide the ideal head-clearing remedy for any morning-after ills.

There is a strong Italian influence in Zagreb, nowhere more so than in the Museum of Contemporary Art, jatek-varazs which is one of many places in which visitors can soak up the country’s history and cultural roots.

But for architectural grandeur, travelers need look no further than the impressive Cathedral of Zagreb, located in the hill district of Kaptol. This spectacle is perhaps only outdone by the massive Medvedgrad Mountain, kiegeszit-o which offers excellent views of the city and access to the hidden Medvednica fortress.


The myriad of winding roads and alleyways offer the perfect atmosphere for lively nightlife activities and hideaways, and reassuringly Zagreb does not nyilas-zarora disappoint. The Donji Grad district offers backpackers no end of bars, reasonably priced restaurants and a huge selection of clubs.

However, for the best access to nighttime activity, ruha-lak travelers should select Zagreb hostels in and around the Tkalciceva area, where collections of former aristocratic houses hidden in its enclaves have been transformed into stylish bars and clubs.

As with many nightlife hotspots, Tkalciceva is also an excellent place to people watch, attracting the most diverse of the city’s local and visiting glitterati. However, remember others will be doing this too, so it may not be the ideal place to stumble out of Zabreb hostels, bleary eyed, in the mornings. Fore more info please visit here:-

There is also a good selection of festivals that take place in Zagreb, including Test! in March and Thirsty Ear in May.


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