Increase Lead Generation With A CRM Starting From Website Visits

The Internet is a great opportunity for any business, as it opens up borders, saloton geographies and brings new possibilities.

However at the same time competition has become more fierce for the very same reasons.

Not solely your possibilities have changed, but also changes in behavior of B2B Decision Makers have emerged:


  • Increasingly Business Decision Makers gather information from the Internet.
  • Managers prefer the “On Demand” information from the Internet, instead of visiting trade shows or participating in conferences.
  • Online information is more convenient and timely than trade magazines.


These changes are logical, as all your printed and digital communications mention your website, as well as all of your advertising. Thus you drive your potential customers to your website.

The problems:


  • The website visitors want to stay “incognito”: the Internet provides this hidden feeling
  • Only about 2-3% of website visitors will submit contact information, thus 97% will visit your website without any chance contacting them for lead generation.


The result of the Internet is that Marketing and Sales will collect or generate less leads, than it used to be.

Less leads mean less potential Sales.

Thus a method or solution should be put in place to reveal the website visitors, in order to give Sales an opportunity to work on.

It should allow to identify the visitors by company name and present their interests by pages visited and search words used.

By using basic information, like the website of the visiting company and the visiting data (pages, origin, language), ashkelon10 the visitor qualification should be applied in order to proceed only with those who are really interesting.

This the first step in the Internet Lead generation process: the Discovery.

As a next step, the interesting companies should be inserted into a CRM, allowing for further Internet Data Mining for information on the company and search for contacts.

In order to formulate an appropriate and timely message, all of the information: website visits, interest shown, company information and information about the contact (job, function, personal interests,…) needs to be combined. This message can be communicated by email or cold call or even a letter.

Using the CRM all this information (visits, information, and contacts) can be stored and retrieved, together with the executed communication events (calls, emails, letters) or even meetings, gavison-medan and the planned actions.

Of course any leads generated by any other means, can be entered into the CRM too. Allowing for the visits from these leads (companies) also appear in the application.

The most interesting features and functions of this solution should be in the combination of the website visiting information and the communication events as they are related.

In most cases a communication event will induce one or more website visits or induce nothing at all. This will allow changing or improving your message. Or in the latter case (no visits): to decide not to pursue the lead any more.

This solution should be used for Lead Generation, betabaatzo Lead Acquisition, Lead Nurturing, Lead Scoring, Lead Qualification, Lead Management, .. for prospects, ex-customers or previously missed customers.

And for customers: Customer Engagement, Customer Retention, … as the messages can be tuned to the newly appearing visits, revealing interest in products or services.

Business benefits of LEADSExplorer:


  • Get more leads opportunities.
  • Reduce leads and sales costs significantly.
  • Formulate the appropriate message, shayarilo based upon the knowledge and information retrieved.
  • Tune your message from the induced visits (even for customers)
  • Take away the fear of cold calling as the visiting companies are interested, thus less rejection.
  • The CRM becomes a source of information with automated data inflow and thus successful and being used.


LEADSExplorer [] is a web service, requiring the insert of a simple java script line in your website – no real html knowledge require. For more info please visit these websites:-


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